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National Collection Service

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Rent Recovery Service
The Largest, Most Agressive Landlord/Tenant Collection Agency In The Country

If your former tenant owes you money, in excess of their Security Deposit, you should employ our affiliate Collection Agency to help get your money back.

First, Ding Their Credit Report

The next step is to hit their credit report.  This is quick and easy and the first big step towards collecting the money your former tenant owes you.  If you haven't taken this step yet Click here for more information then select "Flat Fee Based Collections".

Second, Give It To The Collection Pros

Once you have hit their credit report you should employ the Collection Agency to go to work for you.  These experts at collecting tenant debts will find your former tenant and work tirlelessly for you to collect all of the money you are owed.  Reality check:  Collecting money from former tenants can be slow, difficult, and sometimes impossible.  Many have no money and never will.

Nevertheless, the Collection Agency works on a contingency basis which means that payment is contingent upon their success. If they are unsuccessful in their attempts to collect, it costs you nothing. If they successfully collect the debt, or any portion of it, their fee is based on a share of what is collected.

Their collection efforts are open-ended and relentless. Since they don't get paid until the debt is paid, they never give up on any account. What's more, their exclusive electronic surveillance software tracks the financial status of every debtor, every day, anywhere in the country.

Why would you do nothing to collect the money your former tenant owes you when you can employ the licensed investigators, attorneys, and a complete trained collection team that can locate, monitor and if possible, confiscate the assets of your former tenants.  There are no advance costs or fees.  Click Here to for more information, then click on "Contingency Based Collections".